August 31, 2012

The Love Of Costa Rica and a Short History of Greece

The country Costa Rica, rather it is a place means Rich in Coast; very proportion to the name itself, because it is near the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. It is a country in Central America that is listed with great environmental performance index and named the greenest country in the world today.

If you want to experience the great out door, mainly you would visit this wondrous place of Costa Rica, for it will offer you great scenic views of preserved environment, clean water and air; definitely it is all you ever dreamed of and imagined, a perfect place to visit.

While on the other hand, let us talk about Greece: Nobody would not know the great story of Greece, for its amazing myths and legends is truly a remarkable one. A place full of great and amazing people and stories behind their architectural designs will tell it all. The Acropolis in Athens will amuse you on its wondrous work of art that makes Greece really stood out among the others.

The National Archaeological Museum also located in Athens just capture the true beauty and the significance of Greek architecture and cultures as well. Many other beautiful places can display the uniqueness of this country, truly a beautiful place to be.

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