December 1, 2012

Exploring the Salt Castle

It may sound absurd but you can actually do what the title tells you. You can actually spending some time in a place with a name Salzburg that literally means Salt Castle.

Salzburg is located along the borders of the Salzach river where barges of salt where once docked thus the name. It is just one of the irresistible places that shouldn’t miss when you’re going to visit Europe.

A trip to Salzburg would mean passing through scenic views of farm houses and villas and of course the stunning Alps can also be seen. Interesting trivia would be the fact that the famous Wolfgang Amadeus
Mozart was born in this lovely place and way back 1960; “The Sound Of Music” was also filmed in here.

According to travelers, exploring Salzburg would be at its finest if you’re going to do it on your feet. A photo walk is one of best things to do in the place.

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