December 27, 2012

The famous Buenos Aires

Argentina is located in the continent South America where it is the second largest country in the world today; the capital city is the famous Buenos Aires, with twenty-three provinces all in all. Argentina is in the borders of Bolivia, Paraguay north of Brazil and northeast to Chile.

They’re economic growth is the third largest in all Latin- America and the percentage is very high specifically in direct investments and exports as well. If you are to visit Argentina you should take note of the following places where to go and experience great sights and attractions like of course Buenos Aires with a Spanish ambiance with great architectural designs.

You may also like Tiera del Fuego and experience the beauty of marine life. In Petagonia, here you can see the sights of different arts and cultural side of the country, where the ancient paintings are here. If you are to make your ways on an outdoor activity Mendoza will be a great place for you to see, where, especially on snowy days where you can ski and many others. Or simply visit a beach like, Puerto Madryn and stretch your arm and plunge into the blue and clear waters of the sea and experience the great night life it has to offer.

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