December 3, 2008

General Philippine Travel Tips

Guys, i got this very nice and informative information which surely helps so much!

*Filipinos (as with most Asians) are mostly conservative. Act, speak and dress modestly, more so when going to the countryside. In most places, wearing shorts, tees, sleeveless shirts, sandals or sneakers are fine - specially in summer.

*Avoid talking about religion and politics specially to people you have just met. Especially when drinking (alcoholic beverages) this sometimes lead to heated arguments or worse.

*If you are going to Mindanao (southern Philippines) where some areas are predominantly Muslims, dress conservatively - specially the women. And don't call Muslims Moros. It's considered rude.

*When traveling overseas, its always a good practice to get a travel health insurance. Travel health insurance offers peace of mind when abroad. Also, check with local health authorities for any concerns when going to remote villages. And drink only bottled water or canned beverages when unsure of the local water supply.

*Filipinos are a very friendly and welcoming people. The Philippines has a lot to offer its visitors. Discover the country, get to know the people and their culture. Enjoy your visit to the Philippines and Mabuhay!

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