December 2, 2008

Travel Tip on Valuables

tRavelers heRe are mOre valuable info tips:

*Avoid bringing valuables. A decent watch and faux accessories (optional) are all you need. But in case you did bring some expensive jewelry, deposit them and your other valuables in the hotel safe (most major hotels provide them for free).

*Make sure you make a photocopies of your passport and tickets just in case you loose them. Keep the copies in a separate locations - place them in the deep pockets of your luggage.

*It is a good idea to use a belt bag to put your money, passport and other valuables when on the road rather than a bag. And position it in front of your body and under your shirt if possible. Better yet, use a money belt and hide it under your clothing.

*Never leave your bag and other valuables on the beach or at the poolside when swimming. It is a lot safer to leave them in your hotel room.

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