April 20, 2009

I am back for work

Hi everyone, i am back for work. After 17 days of off from work. I am glad happy that everything was fine during my vacation and my wedding goes really good and nice. My hubby and our dearest ver, just went back home to Norway. I am missing them a lot but hopefully soon I will be with them for life. Thanks for all who keeps on dropping by here at my simple world. For all who wishes luck for me, thanks so much.

Today, I am trying to get back for work as usual. And I get immediate report that every Saturday we don’t have work, as part of cost cutting, sad but that’s how crisis affects on our company now. Hope we can cope up soon and back to normal working days. But in other way around it’s good to have relax on Saturday and Sunday too.

Well, that’s all folks for today. I am now happily married! Have a blessed Monday.

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dhemz said...

halo sis tapos na diay imong honeymoon? welcome back sa blog land..and glad to know you are back sa work na din....:) musta pala ang buhay may asawa? heheheh!