April 23, 2009

9 Waves Resort

Anybody wants to go in 9 waves resort in Montalban Rizal Philippines? Well, it was really unforgettable moment after our wed. Me, my hubby, ver and my family was there enjoying the sunny day at the very nice place. Very good for relaxing and having fun there.

We really enjoyed specially if the waves will play. All are shouting, I was really yelling super load, my hubby was a bit worried of me. He thought I’m gonna sink in because of the wave, am not good in floating not like him he always teach me how to float properly in water. I can swim but not as good as him. Lol! Anyway just take a look at the pictures below. This is the place where we have been.

Entrance fee: 300.00 / head for adult
For kids : 275 /head
Cottage : 500 up depends on how many are you in a group

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