May 27, 2009

My Driving Lessons

Hey! hey..... Yes! i had my 1st day in driving school yesterday and yes i made it! It was really scary and i was! But thanks GOD i had a good grades on my 1st hour ever, but still need more improvement in my foot work and distance.

I roam around Araneta Center Cubao , practicing left and right turn. But take note guys, i did 3 times shut off the engine. hahaha! I did not recognize that my left foot was out of clutch. Well after all i was able to went back to the parking area properly. And my 1st time ever to drive with Toyata Altis.

Looking forward on my next lesson on Saturday, i will be taking 3 hours actual driving again. Hope to make it more better. I love to drive! LOL!

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