June 10, 2009

Bicol Boat For Fishing

Now this boat is used for their fishing, remember that fishing is one of the major way of earning in Bicol. My mate family has own boat and they used it for their daily lives go on fishing. And the very nice blue sea, you can see that it soon low tide. Very nice indeed!


maxivelasco said...

i love to go on fishing. di ako yung magfifish ha. sama lang ako kasi enjoy din yata yun, diba?

magkano kaya ang rent ng fishing boats, sis?

hugs to you

ay. na add ko na itong blog mo sa blogroll ko... thanks!

sant said...

nice photos

Empty Streets said...


Dropping by to check out what is new over at your site :) Hope things are well and that you are stress free :) Stay healthy and safe always :) xoxo

travel insurance said...

Yeah, interesting for rent the boat for fishing