June 18, 2009


As i posted here before that, I am currently having my driving lessons. Later tonight I will having two hours again. That will be my 14th to 15th hours in driving and soon I will be finish. It’s really good that I am learning a lot . I can drive on the highway with lots of heavy trucks beside my car. Scary but I must face them. Well, one thing who helps me in driving easy is my shoes I bought this when my hubby was here. Very good timing indeed, and now been using for my driving. It’s required to have proper shoes when a student in driving. Besides I also use this as my running shoes when doing my exercise, compact shoes for me. All in one.

Before my wedding last April besides from the rubber shoes, of course I also bought my very simple yet very elegant wedding shoes it has two color shinning blue and green as my motif in our wedding. It’s very cool and many really like it. I did not buy typical color white I want to be different. A 4 inches high hills. I want to be as tall as my hubby. Now I am having shoes for different occasions.

Now the only shoes that I am looking forward is to have boots. Lot’s of boots shoes in market such as boots for the rain and boots for party and more. I check online with different fabulous styles, hope I can have one soon. Specially now that’s it rainy here , need good shoes for that occasions. In fact it’s good to have lot’s of shoes to use that will fit in proper occasion.

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