August 23, 2009

Great Pride of Norway

This a place where my husband lives. I am sharing this to you my blogger mates and visitors of this travel site of mine. You can see a perfect and peaceful place in Norway. A very nice and peaceful place to go. If anyone of you are planning to travel somewhere in Europe, check out Norway.

As you can see if you play this video, for sure you will be encouraged and dream to be there one day. As myself is looking forward soon to be with my hubby and hope we can travel some of this place that being featured here.

Enjoy viewing the best spots in the world. Babe, thank you for introducing this to me.


saw said...

I didn't look twice into Norway before now.

The country seems to be gifted in having lots of natural beauty.

kittykat said...

oi..kanindot man diay didto sis..i have two cousins who live in Norway..mga Norwegian sad ilang mga bana..