August 1, 2009

Take A Ride w/Tricycle

Have you ever try to ride a tricycle? This is exactly used for transportation here in Manila. Specially if your leaving somewhere in province. This picture is taken exactly in Tagbilaran Bohol. Before also this is the only way i used to ride on when going to school or in town proper. Before i don't used to ride a bus, i'd choose more on tricycle. I feel safe than in big buses lol!

But now that i am here in Manila. I tried big buses and tricycle everyday from home to work. So when you travel here in Philippines you can try tricycle. Specially when you will visit provinces.


Mareeyah said...

I had to smile upon seeing your post that you feel safer riding a tricycle than a bus. :-) It just reminded me of an article I read about one actress (I think it was Jean Garcia)who had to ride a trike across just one block, for a scene in one telenovela. She was so scared she screamed during the whole ride. It was her first time, I guess. It was funny.

sweete said...

Hi really your blog is so cool ,i enjoyed it.thank you.