September 28, 2009

Globe Tattoo Broadband

Folks, i read news last Sunday about the update of pricing of this tattoo broadband. Until now i am happy that i am enjoying free connection. But still i am thinking of saving some penny to buy this wireless broadband.

Before it's almost 2,000php but now it's lower to almost 900.00php only. Great deals, hoping for more lower then i will buy hahaha (KURIPOT). This can be used for back-up.

This is good for travelers. Very handy you can just easy insert in your laptop as long as you put load on it.


Chie Wilks said...

hehehhe...Kuripot jud oh..hehehe..joke..actually is good that we are practical knowing that everything's so expensive nowadays..

Cacai M. said...

oi nice ni xa la.. ky more than a half ang baba sa price..

Lulu said...

wireless pod akong connection ann... pero mas dako ani... insert lang everytime then connect... monthly akong bayad unlimited use