September 30, 2009

Universal Battery

Last month, i had problem on my charger with my Nokia Phone. I can't really revived it. It doesn't work at all. So i bought a new "Universal Charger" for as low as 100php cheap right? At first i don't know how to use it and i'm a bit afraid because that was my 1st time use this kind of charger. After 2 to 3 days yes it's functioning well.

Then i realized that this is very handy and can be use in traveling. This is good for all kinds of cellphone battery. Just be sure you have extra battery, for back-ups.


Chie Wilks said...

you are right sistah...mura na, handy pa..mahilih gumamit mga sisters ko nito

DAVID CAO said...

nice blog!!! please connect with us, thanks^^

Anonymous said...

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