October 4, 2009

Top 10 EC Dropper For September 2009

Bloggermates thanks once again for this numbers of visit. I am truly glad that you are all visiting me always. Even those who are not in the list, from the bottom of my heart thanks so much again. Looking forward this October for more numbers again! Thanks!
Bits and Pieces 30
Cacai's Steps and Journey 21
Mouth's Delight 19
Chuchie's Hideaway 18
WhereAbouts 17
A Maiden's Testimony 17
Trading Resource 16
Wii Mommies 16
Momspective 14
Places for holidays 14


Chie Wilks said...

mau kay na honor ko diri..thanks for posting sis

Cacai M. said...

ay appear sis Chie, nkatongtong pa ta.. (~_~)

Thanks for the recognition sis.. muahh!

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