November 2, 2009

Rain Barrels

I remember before when I was in province, we had just a small pale outside for catching up rain. Then we use that water in our little garden in front of our humble home. It was very useful and very easy for us to get and drop water when watering our flower plants. But we just used ordinary and small pale. Not good enough if the rain will take long. So many water spills.

Then I am thinking of a solution for that to help my parents conserve water and have enough water stock specially now that it always rain here. So I tried to search on my favorite online store at Outdora, and I did not get wrong they have rain barrels that can contain up to 38 galloons and up to the maximum of 250 galloons. What a great source for keeping rain water intact and safe. This will be the solution that I am looking for. Rain water is very useful for each home. You will just wait and it will pours anytime of the day. Then you can have water. All you have to do is to have rain barrel for proper storage of water.

Aside from using it for your garden, most of my friend used it for car wash, toilet cleaning, bathing their animals at home like dog or any other chores at home that needs water. But before some household used it for bathing their grown up kids, and they have some belief that bathing using rain water can cure any illnesses.

Having correct and proper rain barrel can help your water rain clean. Their barrels are designed properly and protecting leaves from falling into water or any debris that might fall into. Outdora provides total solution for water storage and watering at home. It includes hose reels, hose holders and more accessories.


sakthi said...

Hi nice post & information ...(

Cacai M. said...

oizzt la, nice jud nuon ang barrel la.. but kelangan jud pod og regular maintenance na linis ky saonz nlng, dba? heheh.. good post la..

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SANDY said...

The ones I've seen here in the States are pretty costly, but it is indeed a good idea. One many used to do, got away from; but now really need to do again.

Mom used to collect rain water in a pot even to use in the iron when we were kids.

Good post, please swing by for a visit, the welcome mats always out.