January 13, 2010

Personalized Your Stuff

Glad to say that I will end up working very soon. All of these are for good. After 12 and ½ years, working in one I.T company, time come for me to leave and to be with my family. Last week, my boss told me to design our new uniform Logo but sad I cannot wear their new uniform. So as contribution I managed to design it in a very simple lay-out style.

While doing that assignment my boss has a lot of plan for the management and to her own company. She wants more improvements and she even told me that she’s currently looking for an imprinted promotional products, online that she can get some ideas for personalized item.

Part of our company promotion, as of now we already released new brochure for 2010 , but for more convincing materials my boss like to have engraved pens where our company name will be written on it. Personalized right? I know most of you are aware of this style and this is one way to introduce our company for visitors and to new employees as well.

Finally my boss now stick to imprinted.com, where all items she needed like those personalized pens that she planned are on display at that site. Cool and she told me it’s enough for her to find which one is best. She can change her plan and switch to other personalize stuff. As all of their items are really cool and nice.

All stuff, can be personalized by the help of imprinted.com. These are also good for keep sake. You can choose your item and let them do the design you want. Very cool remembrance stuff for someone. Check on their online store guidelines and resources. Wait! look at this embroidered hats, very cool and interesting. Hurry up get yours!

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