February 19, 2010

Hunters Guide

Every night we are into news mode here at home. I am glad i am more involved with what's going on in diferent parts of the world now. Not like before i am always left behind with updates, just because i was working and tired from office, no much time to watch and understand news with different topics. But now, it's different i am more alert. Well, anyway i remember my 1st week here in Norway, when i woke up early morning i saw a deer running not much far from where we lived. Then i asked someone here if it was a deer and we are not that sure if it was. I just noticed a horn on them so maybe yes!

Well, i read along some bloggies today that their is a place somewhere in mexico , a kind of camp where they can found wild animals and mostly hunters they are searching around where they can have perfect place to find them, then i googled about Guided Hunts because this is mostly what i read while doing my blog visit today.

So i found out that their are more places for hunting deer and elk but of course this camp has it's own rules and regulations for that. The kansas whitetail deer hunting and their is also in new mexico elk hunting get to know more about their services for hunters. If you are interested, you can check them out at http://www.bighornoutfittersllc.com.

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Elinor Phillips said...

I want to experience this predation. I want to go to the wild field and see if i can hunt, but before that maybe the page for hunter might help me. Thank you for sharing.