February 19, 2010

KLM Remembrance

Some of you knew that i used KLM airlines or AirFrance during my travel last two weeks ago, going here in Norway. While in plane one crew asked favor from me if i can answer some kind of survey for them. What should i answer, was a YES! It's 4 pages and it's all about food, flight ticket cost, crew's manner, and this and that about KLM.
After answering i returned the sheets to them and they gave me a pen that has KLM markings. A token for me, not all passengers was given a chance to have that survey, luckily i am one of those people that they wanted to get a comment or suggestions.

So this is my remembrance stuff from KLM.

1 comment:

Dhemz said...

waaaaaaaaaaa...4 pages? gosh, makagutom...ahhahaha! maau kay naka remembrance ka sis...lol!