February 3, 2010

Let It Snow..Let It Snow...

Hallo! Wanna experienced the real snow? Well, before i was just dreaming to see and touch the real snow, but now i am here in a place where you can see and touch on it! lol:-). Finally, i am here in Norway, nice to be with the one you love.

Since i arrived it's been snowing and this morning it's blowing outside. The temperature is not that higher now but still cold. I cannot even go out because of the weather. But indoor i can look up outside with the nice and perfect views from our room.

Nice to think that everything goes fine, till arrived here! So soon folks , i can get back each of you who visited my sites during those time that i was absent.

1 comment:

Cacai M. said...

oi that's cool la, me---haven't played in snow yet.. :-(... I hope one day.. picture2x dayon la ky tan-aw mi... :-)