February 5, 2010

Channel Fever

As you all know folks, that i am now living here in Norway just recently. Nice to be with my dearest family. From this time on, some of my online friends somewhere in America catch me up online, just for today we did some chatting and talking about Norway and U.S.

Nice to know the culture of each country , till such time and my friend started talking about the service of Directv, she and her husband will soon apply to that, because she needs to have over all channel that she wanted to watch on.

She missed some shows that she used to be before she transfered to another state in U.S. So for her to be updated she needs to have more channel on TV. That's the only thing she requested from her husband.

For those who are not yet aware, Direct TV offers best more like other cables. Cathcing up clear and higher density of channels that covers from all over the country , most specially from U. S territory or those who lived in U.S proper.

This way she can get what she want for her entertainment. My friend will avail Direct TV in Florida where the family lives in at the moment. For others, check out your state and avail one of their offers like the Direct TV in Texas, California and New York.

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