February 9, 2010

Shoes For All Season

Earlier today we did a walk in a golf field where my hubby used to go. Nice to have proper exercise, even if it's not everyday! i truly appreciate and i feel like i moved my body a bit by doing it with him. That area is so wide and very nice, many are into skiing as it's super winter mode here now. For me, as of now i can't go into skiing yet because i don't have yet proper shoes and equipment on that, but i am looking forward one day i can join him doing it as part of exercise too.

Then just a minute ago, he checked on old shoes at the storage area and their he found some old shoes which i can check it tomorrow. But while doing my hop today with other sites online, i came accross at dvsshoes.com which has a whole lot shoes for women and for all. It includes skate shoes and many more designs and styles. Good enough then i can check on styles of those shoes for winter and for other season.

So if anyone of you guys looking for shoes in any occasion check out at http://www.dvsshoes.com. For footware and classic apparel DVS has it!

This is actually my 1st time stumbling at DVS and i am greatful that i did, then i can explore more on shoe style and other accessories. Good timing for me and maybe for you folks. So for now, i am looking forward for skiing or skating one of these winter days.


vaL said...

Great info, but I wrote otherwise about this topic at my blog.

Lulu said...

shoes... hmm fave na naho