March 30, 2010

Dead Sea For New 7 Nature Wonders

Fun and interesting place to consider for the new 7 nature wonders entry is the Dead sea. I myself would love this place to be included. This is very historical and perfect place for discovery. Most people are wondering what's on dead sea and how it will be for tourism.

Dead sea is also known as Salt sea, Easter sea and Sea of Sodum. Historical and located in the Judean desert 80 km southeast from Jersalem and 210 km south of the Sea of Galilee. The dead sea is also the location of the Qumran community which produced the Dead Sea Scrolls, Massada, Dead sea minerals and many more.
I am sure not only me is interested to see Dead Sea on lists. Dead sea also has its own unique beauty for both biblical history and biblical prophecy, known as one of the world first health resorts. A good points why Dead sea must be one of the new 7 Nature Wonders of the world. Most individual use the salt and it's minerals to create some cosmetics and herbal products.

You can also noticed that Dead Sea hotels are just around the corner. They are giving accessible acommodation for visitors. Safe and convenient. I myself would love to discover more on this place one day. Who know's their will be an opportunity to visit there. It will really be a memorable moment for me. I love to discover the beauty of it's nature and most specially in the Dead Sea. This can be considered as one of a kind. One in a million place in the world. So why not? Looking forward Dead sea will be among those new list of Nature Wonders.

Discover the amazing and fascinating place to go. Dead sea must seen. Bring your families and friends and get amazed, have fun and relax.


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This is an amazing sea with lots of sea-minerals are found here, which is tremendously useful to the human body for all the eradication of diseases and general health and wellness of the person as well.

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