July 4, 2010

Looking Forward To Have New Laptop Accessories

Month ago, I got a very big problem as my laptop give up! Until now it is still nothing, I cannot do anything on it. I want to save the files but no means yet. So, as a solution I bought a new ACER notebook. I am so glad we got the good deal as we got the newest processor Intel i5. As I always say I cannot live without computer. I used to work with computers everyday, so I must have one. So thanks, finally got it now and working good, now life must go on with new computer and I must have to take care of this by all means.

But part of my new laptop I am planning to buy a wireless mouse and a laptop sleeve. Having a wireless mouse is cool and easy for navigation, and I am planning to buy it online as I love ordering through net. I can find much more best style and looks when surfing than in real stores. It seems stores for me has limited displays , so better for me to check online as I always do.

And last night I talked to my cousin who lives in Seattle and she just bought a new HP laptop too! Her old pc is not working well , so we are both laughing and sharing what a pc we got! She is also planning to buy some laptop accessories for her new pc. She has a two kids so she needs protector like laptop stand. Now me and my cousin is in searching mode of laptop accessories. Aside from my plan of buying wireless mouse, I am also planning to buy external hard drive. A friend of mine advice me to buy one for back up incase something will happen again. I can also use it for my old laptop as I need a place where to stored old files.

Guess what I found folks, my browser brings me to laptopstand.org , and what a good site for my reference. I cannot imagine that they got everything about computer peripherals and stuff. Even digital camera that is one of my wish this coming year end. You know I made a list of things that I want to accomplish this year and they got it! What a wow indeed! Take note, from laptops, bags and cases, IPod and MP3 players, cameras and frames, tv monitors, calculators, office furnitures and many more! This is the right place for me and will let my cousin surf there, too!


Lulu Post said...

nice na laptop sleeves

Anonymous said...

Ako looking forward for new lappy, tagae ko bi naa free diha?