July 28, 2010

Portland PC Repair

The most common problem for computer shutdown is caused by virus. If your pc doesn't have a proper firewall or virus protection then expect serious virus problems in the future. As the saying goes: Every problem has its own solution and I believe it! So, if so happen that you are currently looking for computer support online rather than going to computer shop , and you live in the Portland metropolitan area, I would like to introduce Portland pc repair.

This company is well-known for prompt and quick computer assistance. They are available seven days a week from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM. They provide remote repair service or they will come to your home and provide onsite service repair. Their service rates are posted clearly on their website, and their remote virus removal service is $129 and guaranteed to remove any viruses your system may have. Onsite virus removal costs $149. Friendly and well trained technicians are ready to assist you.

This Portland computer support company does not believe in "Geek speak." That is they will work to explain everything to you clearly and without a lot of techno lingo. For assistance contact them at 503-336-2400. Let them handle your worries about computer!

For your information, Portland computer repair can be followed on twitter, facebook and youtube. This will help you keep on top of any promotional deals, and you can view their latest YouTube videos.

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