August 1, 2010

Have Your Phuket Getaway!!!

One of my classmate is a Thailander. This summer she and her son went to Thailand for a vacation. For sure soon she is coming back here in Norway just because our class will start before end of August. She told me that she will gonna show me pictures of the Patong beach resort where she will stay for two weeks. She will make the most of her vacation , it is been three years since she left Thailand.

I cannot wait to see photos of that well-known resort. I know Thailand is known as one of the best place for vacation getaway. They have beaches and perfect spots for foreigners. While waiting for her comeback I am also busy searching online about Horizon Patong and found out that this is ideally located just across the road from the exquisite Patong Beach, on Phuket's famous West Coast, with the shopping and entertainment district only a stroll way.

Guest will be greeted by lush tropical gardens and a water feature, which provides a relaxing and breath taking relaxation and refreshing setting away from the hustle and bustle of Patong Beach. The two centerpiece swimming pools provide an alternative to the turquoise Sea and white sands of Patong Beach, easily accessible by our beachfront entrance.

I am 100% sure my friend is totally in good hands for their stay. I am happy for her and she deserved to have total relaxation and a bonding to her son.

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