August 18, 2010

Budget Hotels in Paris City

Budget hotels in Paris city centre is one of the most well-known hotels in Paris. Located in the city centre is perfect for tourists and foreigners. You are all near with everything. Shopping, historical places, perfect views at night and day, bars , restaurants and all. So the most perfect place to stay must be in the city.

Most specially if you are planning for Paris vacation. Paris is known as one of the dream place for many including me. Actually in the city of Paris hotels like: Bristol, Elysees Plaza, De Crillon, Novotel Paris, Ampere, Champs Elysees and more. They are just among those hotels that you can choose when going out there. They are all located in the city of Paris. You can just pick which one you like.

Anyway, I am looking forward to go in Paris someday. It is just 2 hours flight from Oslo. So , possible I can go there as I really dreamt of going there. Looking forward to find best time, and budget of course.

Some of my group friends had been there this summer. They had great plan ahead of time , so everything was fine during thier travel and stay in one of prestige hotels in Paris. So, hopefully next I can be with them or travel with my family.

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