August 18, 2010

For Friendship Sake

Finally got the chance to read the offline message from my best friend in Philippines. She is now back from her vacation in province. She spent time with her parents and siblings for a short time. Now, back to her normal life as a wife and a mom to a cute baby girl.

Anyway, she asked me if I have good place online where to find Flights to Canada. As for now she don't have net connection at home. She just go to net cafe and leave her message to me. Her brother who used to be an OFW to Canada is planning to go back next month. They need to find best offer deals for plane ticket.

Well, I can always help her by searching online. I have 24 hours connection, so easy to find best flight ticket deals. I can also recommend her to get early reservation to get more discounts. Hope to help her in little way by finding the right and trusted online agent for her brother.

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