May 2, 2011

Possible For Summer Job!

A friend of mine just back from a short vacation in Barcelona. She buzz me today and telling me that she found a possible job where she can work this coming summer. She told me if I am also interested and it is to work at the hospital. Taking care of old people. She has experienced in medical field but not me. I am afraid actually to work in a hospital or in place for taking care old people. She is done with her interview and now she is excited to know the results on Wednesday.

I am also happy for her as she needs extra income. They are required to have proper scrubs , like scrub cap and proper coat! So, she ask me about scrub stores online which one she can shop and buy easily.

I immediately told her that I know where she can buy. At this is the exact and right place where to hook in and find the right scrubs needed , coats or any apparel. This place is well-known for everything. For both men and women this is the right one!

I am looking forward for the result also for her interview and possible of shopping online for her needs!

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