August 19, 2011

Back To School Today!

Yes, I am back in school! It is not wise to start school in Friday. I supposed not to go school but I just tried and I made it. It is a rainy day today , a bit cold but it is good to start and try to wake up early before the real class starts on Monday.

We had a short discussion about our summer vacation one by one. I shared that this year is my best so far because I enjoyed a lot. We did not travel far away from home but still it was fun and I love the way it is. Maybe next summer we can plan more.

I enjoyed grilling, go out and swimming, blogging, go out and walking, picking berries and a lot more. Being home is great and this summer I feel the real summer not like last year. I do hope that I will enjoy more and more on the coming summer years.

Thank you Lord for providing me everything.

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