August 11, 2011

Post Cards From Norway

As a blogger is fun! Blogging your interest is really relaxing and can find a lot of information in different ways and can find a lot of friends online. Friendship in a virtual world is exciting. Now, a blogger group online are into exchanging post cards. Since, I am here in Norway I want to send them some stuff also , views and spots that Norway can be proud of.
So I went to the store the other day and bought post cards. They are not as cheaper as what I expected but it is fun! So I bought 20 pcs. The end of this week I am planning to send my first batch to my friends. I also bought some sticker in addition to decorate more! I am ready to ramble with post card exchange.
So if ever , you pass by here and want to exchange post cards from me. Leave message here and will do the same!

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