November 9, 2011

Luxury Villas with the World’s Most Amazing Views

(View from Rendezvous, a luxury villa in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)

As the sun slowly moves down across the horizon, fiery fingers stretch out across the clouds, a burning red that lights the ground below for just a moment before the blazing sphere sinks below the horizon. For just that time, the entire world is bathed in another color; it is an experience that only comes once, for it will never be quite the same again.

When it comes to luxury vacations, one of the most challenging things can be finding a location you truly want. Its one thing to narrow down to a country or an island based on your interests; with the proper methodology, this can actually be very easy. However, something much harder to select for (compared to amenities such as pools and television access) is the view from your vacation spot. However, you are in luck. Luxury villas are often converted from buildings that once served as homes, and this can have a major impact on the setting. Rather than being built just where convenient, villas tend to be in locations that were originally chosen for their view, and spots such as Rendezvous in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and Villa Adagio on St. John, Caribbean, offer some of the most stunning views you’re ever going to find. However, it really can be difficult to determine ahead of time which villas truly have the best views. Villas will just about always feature a variety of pictures, but most of these images are concerned with the inside of the villa, rather than the view outside, unless the photographer thought an image was truly worth taking. If you’re looking for a villa with a fantastic view, consider inquiring with the rental company and asking about villas in a particular area; somebody with the company may very well be able to tell you which villa has the best view.

Be careful to pay attention to more than just the general location, though. While Cabo villas, for example, are in one of Mexico’s most developed resort regions, merely being in a scenic area is no guarantee that the individual view would be good. Villas do tend towards some truly spectacular views, but as with all such things, some places remain better than others. With a few careful questions, however, you can find exactly which villa in which area will hold the views you want.

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