November 13, 2011

Oslo Trip Yesterday

Yesterday, I decided to go in Oslo. I met a friend there. Roaming around Oslo is not that easy, it is cold outside and as you all know Oslo is a big city. I did not buy any special, I am looking for some shoes but then I did not find one. Oslo City and Oslo S is the two big areas where you can go in. In Oslo City that is the mall where boutiques are located. There you can find everything that you need. In Oslo S, there is where the train station stops. There are also stores inside and restaurant. I took the local train just because I love local trains than those regional one. Regional train doesn't stop every station.

Well, I was in Oslo yesterday from 12noon until 6. I took train back and glad that it all went fine. I want to take pictures inside and outside but it was too cold to go out. I was busy checking and finding out shoe stores too!

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