November 30, 2011

Niagara Falls | Horseshoe Falls | Adjacent Bridal Veil Falls

Canada is surely has no doubt for having that “sex appeal” a country should have, for being in the list of the most visited tourist attractions in the world today. For it is clean and safe to travel, and has friendly people and a unique cultural-historical background. It really has that natural beauty of the outdoor like nature and glaciers surrounded by untouched forests and lakes, which will surely amaze and awaken your interest to be in the country.

You can never wait to see Niagara Falls in southern tip of Ontario, and take a glance at Horseshoe Falls and the Adjacent Bridal Veil Falls and feel that cool breeze of sparkling water world. Even take a tour on Baffin Island; it is Canada’s largest Island, between Canada Mainland and Greenland. Visiting here will surely take you on untouched nature surrounded by a rich raw environment that’s well preserved and flowing with the uniqueness in beauty. The Old Quebec City, which means Quebec “where the river narrows”, located on St. Lawrence River in Central Canada will surely rings you back as you will get hooked to the charm of that old city with an interesting history, that mainly was declared a UNESCO Heritage site in 1985. Come and enjoy the beauty of Canada.

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