December 1, 2011

Get To Know More About Washington D.C. (state)

It is the capital of United States of America, named after George Washington in 1791. It grew in population of 601,723 just last year, 2010, simply because it’s surrounded by commuters and a workplace to many. The city’s population is nearly 5.6 million, and it is one of the largest metropolitan areas in USA. Washington has one of the greatest tour value has to offer, especially during summer and spring time, you can have a boat cruise over the Potomac River and amazed by the cherry trees during the Cherry Blossom Festival which is in March up to April.

You can’t wait to visit the Capitol, the White House, Lincoln Memorial and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. You can never e wrong and see the major monuments there, or pass by the Kennedy Center and National Mall. If you want, you can even go for a walk at night and stunned by the lights that all lit up and view much more attraction as you enjoy the place. Take a glance at t Mount Vernon in Virginia, and spend the day trip up to George Washington’s house that will surely keep you amazed by the beauty of its untouched furnishings. It’s really one of the best explored trip you’ll never forget.

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