December 3, 2011

Going To Sweden

It is now soon Christmas. People here are busy buying gifts and driving towards Sweden to buy goods. Sweden offers more cheaper items than here! For me, I want to travel there for adventure and shopping too! I want to see the place and to experience visiting a place where just a very neighbor to us!

I have three friends living there! One of them lives in Stockholm and she is always inviting me for a visit! But still I don't have time to go to! Soon, I will be finish with my schooling and hope to find time to explore Sweden.

People in Sweden is well-known as accomodating, down to earth and nice! I want really to go there! It takes only 1 to two hours driving from here! Check..check... hoping soon!

1 comment:

SHY said...

Wow love your theme, san ka banda pupunta dito Sweden? baka pwede tayo meet hehe..