January 11, 2012

Bulgarian Vacation in Fall

I have always been fascinated with European countries, and if there’s one country in Europe that’s in my bucket list, it has to be Bulgaria. I heard that it’s especially beautiful there during fall. You’d see heartbreakingly beautiful colors, golden leaves strewn on the pavement, and the mouthwatering smell of something roasting in the air. If you’re lucky, you might even meet a bubbly student running on his way to school, savoring the beauty of fall in Bulgaria.

Well, I know that fall is charming, colorful, and beautiful anywhere in the world. However, I am very much tempted to call a travel agency that arranges Bulgaria holidays so I can book a holiday soon. To tell you honestly, I want to experience a different kind of adventure, and I have a feeling that I could have that thrilling adventure if I went to Bulgaria.

It’s a country rich in culture and charming people. I know that if I go there for vacation, I would simply end up enjoying myself and marveling at the beautiful and breathtaking sights that would surround me. A bike ride amidst falling leaves would be a good idea. I also know that there are many historical treasures waiting to be discovered there. Even a glimpse of its people’s habits and discovering old arts and crafts sound wonderful. So yes, Bulgaria has to be it. It’s definitely up there in my priority list of must-see places, and this early, I am already excited at the prospect of visiting such a lovely place.

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