January 11, 2012

Get To Know More About The Universal Studios (Osaka)

This Theme park is just one of the four; this one is located at Osaka Bay in Osaka, Japan. Universal Studios is also known as the Universal City, which offers great rides, attractions and other places to enjoy for both kids and young at heart. The park started its operation on March 31, 2001. Here are some of the attractions located inside the Universal Studios that best serves the visitors, like the one in New York, the Amazing Adventures of Spider Man ride and Terminator in 3D.

Let’s go to Hollywood where there are Shrek’s 4D adventures, Sesame Street, and the E. T. adventure. If you want to go Back to the Future and take a ride let’s go to San Francisco where you really can Backdraft all you can. Take a chance of riding the Dinosaurs at Jurassic Park or play with Snoopy at Snoopy Studios and play with your kids at Snoopy Playland.

Want to be in a haunting place like the Amity Village where you can scream your way out and look at the Jaws of that killer creature. Stunned your way to the Land of Oz and travel this magical place of adventure. Where to be, but in a happy place like Universal Studios.

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