January 10, 2012

Introducing the Hunt Club!

Hunt Club is the cosmic network of parks, open places and marshland. When done open space will cover 20 hectares of this multi-award attractive housing estate. Over three quarters of this open space will be irrigated using group a recycled water keeping it green and verdant all year around. The hunt club wetlands is situated on broad oak drive. This spectacular"wetlands and the adjoining parks, ways and bbq amenities cover a massive 4. 5 hectares and had been formally opened in march 2008 by the mayor of the municipality of casey.

Several environmental features have been in use into consideration in the progress of the hunt club wetlands. This is highlighted by the verity that the wetlands had been filled using a mixture of stormwater run-off from the estate and a natural stream. The surrounding parklands are irrigated using class a recycled water making certain they stay healthy all year round plus at the same time saving thousands of litres of drinking water every year.

An additional key environmental attribute of the hunt club wetlands is the near melaleuca forest that underwent a major two year revegetation programme to keep and maintain this precious plant varieties for future decades. To hearten an lively, healthy way of life a network of more than 10km of walking and bicycle ways will connect the various parks, gardens and wetlands in the hunt club.

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