February 25, 2012

Faneuil Hall Marketplace Boston

Since 1742 Faneuil Hall is an open ground and has been a marketplace and a meeting hall for several speeches. Some say that it was the Cradle of liberty, and well known stop on the freedom Trail itself. It was then created by Deacon Shem Drowne at the same year and designed by Benjamin Thompson and Associates.

The gilded grass hopper on a top of the weather vane really became the icon of the place and it is still there up to now, and it was then named Faneuil Hall until today. It is now located near the waterfront in Boston, Massachusetts. The place itself has shops, restaurants and other business establishments and also contains Museum of Old Armory of Massachusetts.

On 1979, the hall was the site made for the speech given by Sen. Edward Kennedy for his Presidential candidacy, and again it is used over for years for some electoral usage like some political debates and candidacy. It is really a great historical place where it brings the cultural aspects and different political eras as it happens to be the perfect place for meeting place. A wonderful site to see and great place to visit.

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