February 3, 2012

Unplanned Trips Are Always the Best

I was talking to a friend who recently got back after an extended holiday trip. She was telling me how, after a successful vacation, she still has mixed feelings about it. I guess she just feels that way because the preparation for the trip was on short notice. She didn’t even have time to bring everything she needed to bring for the trip.

Well, I really can’t blame her especially since she is so used to traveling by the book. That’s one of our major differences as friends. I actually don’t have qualms about last minute holidays as long as I know I would be traveling to an awesome place where I would get to enjoy myself a lot. In fact, I’ve tried more than once to travel at the last minute, and each time, I felt a different kind of adrenaline rush.

It seems you can accomplish more things when you go for an unplanned trip. Therefore, if you asked me, I would still go for hurried preparations and last minute deals. For me, traveling is at its best when done that way. Hence, if you want a sense of satisfaction, try going in one of those unplanned trips, see where the road leads you, and just have fun.

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