February 13, 2012

The Big Ben in London

Have you noticed that big clock at the North end of the Palace of the Westminster in London? That’s the Big Ben as they called it. It was just a nickname for that particular clock with a bell. It was the third tallest standing clock in the world that’s ever built. The clock’s tower was about 200 feet high, and the structure it self are consist of brickwork and sand with limestone put together.

The Big Ben is known to be a tourist attraction in London, where it is beautifully made tower and it is open for visitors to see and experience the place. The designers of this tower clock were Edmund Beckett Denison, George Airy and Edward John Dent. It was completely built in 1859.

The clock itself has a main bell or also known as the great bell, for it was the largest. The name Big Ben was taken from Sir Benjamin Hall, so they called it the Big Ben as an honour to him. If I myself have to travel, I would go and visit this place where Big Ben surely stands with pride and honor, it is really a great place to stay where you will always be on time, isn’t that great?

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