February 20, 2012

The Upcoming Big Event in Fiji

A friend of mine is excited to meet her boyfriend from New Jersey. This will be their upcoming first hello's. Exciting and I can relate how's the feeling of being in love and finally meet the one you are truly waiting for long time! She told me that what if the magic of love will bestow on them both so the magic of the big YES will be a possible during this visit soon. I am excited for her too and I told her just to be relax and be herself when that man comes in real.

Aside from that excitement she told me her dream place for a wedding. I cannot imagine that she wanted to say I do, in the place where most people want to visit. That is in fiji island, the "hub" of the South Pacific, a melting pot of both the Polynesian and Melanesian races. She has a strong dream that she will gonna be there together with her love one.

So me and her, are both checking out the sites. I want to help her find that place too! Getting married is a mix emotion so better to have a plan ahead of time. This place is well-known for a venue for weddings, honeymoon, snorkelling over allow reefs close to shore, diving, which offers a great range of a underwater experiences, surfing an uncharted reef or island passage, riding in a jetboat, trekking in the tropical rainforests, swimming in the crystal clear waters of a rushing river, or even a visit to a sacred cave?

So her dream for a possible fiji wedding bells might come true. Checking out more fiji weddings, ventures and vacation packages are worth knowing for. Best luck to my friend!

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