February 18, 2012

The MERMAID Hotel in Cyprus

A sudden impulse brought us to Cyprus. Sitting at home on a cold winter night, the thought of being in a warm place beneath the glaring sun with mountains and hills in solid green. My adventurous husband a look of excitement on his face and with a voice of a conqueror declared " Cyprus! ": Then came the most difficult part of the plan - where to stay?!

With a few punch in the keyboard, the screen glaring in a magnificent view and a colorful background, appeared a name MERMAID Hotel. As travelers like the rest around the globe, we wanted the best deal with the lowest price.

Mermaid Hotel - where the HOME is...from the exquisite food to the friendly atmosphere, to the heavenly room, with a " family" feeling staff willing and always ready to give a helping hand. Not to forget on the " BEST" list - the fantastic breathtaking view. From the outside to the inside, the lobby with its unique features in a very elegant design. Surrounded with very elegant comfortable sofas. The captivating unique decors and the elegant entrance to the restaurant and a huge friendly bar was a perfect site. From the inside is a view of the hotel swimming pool located outside. I couldn't keep my eyes to the fascinating view of the outside, the rows of white chairs and the captivating design of the pool area was a feeling of enigma! The beach right across the street whispering in silence with its blue saffire waters. The whole view took my breath away!

My penchant for shopping was fully satisfied by the hotel shop located on the second floor. From bikinis to blouses to necklaces designed in artistic craftsmanship made by a dedicated young Cyprus designer, calling her magnificent works of arts " BLUE OCEAN".

Mermaid hotel, my long lost home, with all its excellent features I would never dream of a new home....

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