March 5, 2012

San Antonio River Walks , Texas

Beautiful walkways along the river banks of San Antonio will sure to amaze you on how they promote, protect and preserve the river. It is a connecting loop with sidewalks, filled with shops, restaurants and fully developed area that served lot of tourists and local guests every year. You can visit the Alamo, Arneson River Theatre, Hemis Park up the Tower Life Building, and even make your way to the San Antonio Museum of Art.

You will be stunned at the beauty of place that will offer you great scenery and varieties of ways for you to relax and shop and to enjoy your day upon your visit. The Association of Paseo del Rio, a non-profit organization, was the one who promoted the preservation and protection of the river area, which would likely to be a tourist spot.

It is really their mission to accomplish such project to encourage tourists to see and visit this wonderful place, not just locally but internationally. Try to visit the place and see the sights of clean waters and beautiful people here, enjoy such an spectacular place and sure you and family will sure to have a great time and leisure.

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