March 5, 2012

Temple Square, Salt Lake UT

Visit a historical place where you and your family will enjoy and experience, visit Utah’s Temple Square located at downtown Salt Lake City. Thousands of tourists visit the place every year to see this beautiful place, with guided tours you can experience a wondrous time here, a very popular destination that will sure to amaze you at its own glory.

The Temple is open daily, from 8:00am until 5:00pm. With its twenty attractions that are so informative like the Temple itself and the Tabernacle, these will sure to entertain you upon hearing the singing choir and its orchestra, you will able to see one of the world’s largest and richest sounding organ that will sure to make your way there a heaven-like experience. Volunteers and missionaries around the globe will sure to be happy when you visit here. It is a purely Mormon culture that you will see upon entering the temple.

The temple structure are made of granite and designed over a neo-gothic architectural design. You will be stunned at an eleven foot Jesus Christ Statue also known as the Christus. A good place to unwind and feel your inner soul and be spiritually inspired by the surroundings that will come your way.

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