March 4, 2012

Using clipix is the best way to organize stuffs online

Did anyone of you tried using clipix? Do you know that using this tool online is a great help to sort out your things online? This will help you organize your shopping list and wishes in order. Signing at is free. The only thing you do is very easy, just visit the site and register at once. Once you are registered, check on helpful tools on how to create you own folder with corresponding clip titles. By adding folder all your things are sorted properly. You can get back to the file and check what stored in that folder. Plus  you can track back those wish lists in your clip anytime, anywhere as long as you have internet connection.  I am really fortunate to be one of clipix users. I enjoyed dragging and clipping out my online files and stuff.  

Clipix also has a for you to know more about this tool. A guide which can help you build your own clippings using clipix. I encourage you to watch the video and registered to their site. I've been using clipix for almost two weeks now and so far everything is organized. So if you want to discover and experience this organizing tool, then why not enrolling yourself too? Easy as 1,2,3 and you will see how useful clipix is. Share to you friend and enjoy discovering clipix.

Another more advantages of having clipix is that:  You can create customized clipboards - create as many as you like for any purpose and rearrange them however you want . Plus clipix lets you choose whether you want your clips to be private or if you want to share them with your friends or the whole clipix community. I share them with my friends for them to know what stuff I like and collect!

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