April 13, 2012

Alcudia: The Silent Sanctuary of Southern Majorca

Majorca in Spain is normally full with large crowds of tourists soaking up the sun. At nighttime, you’d still see the same people partying the night away in some of the best clubs in the island. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, then this is definitely not the place for your, no matter how inviting the sea looks. Nevertheless, Majorca’s northern town of Alcudia is worth visiting especially if you want to experience Majorca at its most quiet. You’ll be far away from the maddening crowd in Alcudia.

It’s safe to say that holidays to alcudia are never complete if you don’t pay its historic town a visit. You’ll fall in love with its sparkling sea, sandy beaches, inner-walled town, and a lot more. Whether you’re traversing this southern town of Majorca by foot or exploring its surrounding areas in a rented car, the experience would surely enrich you. Although it boasts of a six-mile long coast, most of its visitors choose to spend their time walking through town rather than bathe in the glow of the sun.

You’ll see beautiful town squares where places to dine and drink abound. Its old town also plays host to a weekly market, and if you’re fortunate, you just might score some really great bargains. You can also take boat trips around parts of the island at Port D’Alcudia. This is also where you can find high-quality shops where you can buy local handmade porcelain, jewelry, and other items. It is also here where you’ll find some secluded coves where you can enjoy your day snorkeling or sunbathing.

Indeed, there are so many things to do in Alcudia. Traveling there, you have the option to enjoy your holiday walking along its serene and historic streets or to drive along its captivating coastal areas. No matter what you choose, you’d definitely be in line for lots of exciting things that you may not enjoy if you’re stuck in Majorca’s northern town.

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