May 18, 2012

Low cost hotels near Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of London’s most famous icons, and the area surrounding it is a favoured haunt of tourists and visitors to the city. Therefore locating a low cost hotel near Tower Bridge isn’t the easiest of task, especially considering its proximity to upmarket neighbourhoods like Kensington and Knightsbridge. However with some research and bargain hunting it definitely can be done.

Especially worth looking at are some of the bigger low cost hotel chains like Travelodge. The area itself boasts a plethora of restaurants and pubs, mostly directed at tourists or those working in the area. Butlers Wharf especially has a large number of restaurants and there are also many on the other side of the river. The nearby presence of the Tower of London, one of the city’s primary tourist attractions ensures that there will always be a number of tourists in the area, guidebooks and cameras in hand.

Additionally the number of shops in the area, many of them ostentatiously displaying their ‘tax-free’ sticker, is another attraction. The area around Tower Bridge leading up to London Bridge is chock full of boutiques, souvenir shops, food markets and other attractions.

Tower Bridge itself has also become if anything even more of a popular visitor destination in the last few years. One can actually go inside the high level sections of the bridge, which afford stunning views of the River Thames and many other London landmarks. There is an exhibition with films, photos and active displays documenting the history of the bridge and the surrounding area. Located just up the river lies the HMS Belfast, yet another tourist attraction.

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