June 27, 2012

Crazy with downloading games!

I get dizzy now! I tried downloading games via on Pc and on my android phone! Since I got new phone that has android and lots of apps, I tried to download some games! But I ended up uninstalling them all! They required money for you to buy some gems for the games and that is what I hated most! So atleast I did a try! So then, I tried to download on PC and they are still the same. You are just allowed to play for 60 minutes and after that you are required to buy the whole game license! What a waste of time! LOL…

Well, atleast I knew their tactics! Better play some simple games that don’t have heavy requirements. But then again, I felt dizzy after all! Blogging is enough for me, gaming makes me crazy! Anyway, did not do much post today due to loading up games online.

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